Expertise in Technology

At Think IT Data Solutions, we use our expertise in technology to make sure your company’s IT system works for you when you need it. Every time.

We use best practices and cutting-edge tools and skills to help you reach your goals and complete your projects. We have the advanced IT and systems engineering skills needed to evaluate networks, storage, and systems issues. Overall, our solutions cover every aspect of IT, including:

  • Cloud Solutions

    Whether it's Private, Hybrid, AWS, Azure or OpenStack we've got you covered.

  • Data Center Services

    Whether it's "rack & stack", migration, remote hands, consolidation or optimization & monitoring we've got you covered.

  • Network Services

    Whether your testing the "SDN/NFV waters" or running traditional networking gear for data center or service provider services we've got you covered.

  • Automation Solutions

    Whether you're automating IT infrastructure provisioning or services life cycle ops we've got you covered. If you're automating industrial or legacy PLC control systems we've got you covered for that too!

  • Managed Services

    Whether you need complex applications and services life cycle or more basic IT infrastructure (FIrewall, DNS, Email, Directory Services, etc...) we've got you covered.

Our goal for you is to develop technically sound and cost-effective solutions.

No one knows your business better than you. That’s why we begin our process by learning your business model to think of solutions so that you can carry out your strategy most effectively. We then work with you to find the solution you need and work with your staff to learn how to manage the technology.

We don’t leave you guessing what to do next when we wrap up a project. When a project is complete, we provide you with full documentation of your computer system. Why? We’ve found that most companies, both large and small, fail to baseline their computer systems. As a result, new and existing staff members are left reinventing the wheel every time a system is expanded, modified, or installed.

Think IT Data Solutions is ready to find computer network solutions that work for your business. Complete the form below to tell us how we can help you.

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